A Snippet of Romance

“What’s with the lamp?”

Her hands tightened around it, fighting upcoming tears. “It’s my whole world.” 


A Snippet of Romance

She looked at the lamp he had just given her. It flickered as if it sensed her gaze and winked at her. For the first time in her life, she felt happy and joy blossomed inside her.

A Snippet of an Underworld Queen




She listened to the screams below, watching from her bedroom window. A cold sneer spread into her features. Humans. What did those gods above see in them? So weak. Fragile. She could kill them without even touching them. The bed stirred, distracting her.

My king has awoken. He wasn’t like the rest of the male breed of his kind. Beautiful, cunning and sensitive at the same time. She studied his features thoroughly, caressingly. One would’ve thought she was the man in the relationship, protecting their beloved. But that was not existent in her mind. An underworld creature had no human emotions. One could mimic but couldn’t feel them. 

If you were demonic, you would see that the Queen was watching her companion like a possession.