A Snippet

Hello! It’s been a long while since I’ve on here. I’ve been busy with my studies, reading 8 books at the moment, and writing new stories. I think it’s time for a new snippet from one of my stories which is untitled at the moment. Enjoy!


Pain shoots up and down, side to side around my head, on my head. It’s been…I don’t know how long. I don’t want to think it. About his hands, like claws, like a bear trap, trapping my hair in it. Yanking me upright until my skin screamed at him.

I stare at the table. Its surface sparkle in shapes of tiny stones which grew bigger as I stare, blurring my surroundings, clouding my mind. My eyes begin to doze off. I hear the TV switch on. Daniel’s favourite show is on. Some sports show or something. I should hate him. Yell at him. But I’m scared. What if he hits me again? Call me names? I should leave him. That bastard. Misogynistic. Worthless, arrogant bastard. Not educated. Everyone likes him for his money, not him.

The pain still burns, reminding me of what he did to me. Bringing the scene of him beating my face until my jaw snapped, popping my eyes wide. Suddenly realising that he’s the wrong man to be with…oh I want to punch him. Get him to taste his nature. See him cry. Beg for my mercy. See him scream. Swear.

I would be enraged more, with blisters bursting across my cheeks.


A Snippet of Romance

She stared through window, waiting for his return. It’s been months. Why hasn’t he return? Anxiety crushed its way into her chest. She looked at the lamp across the room. She couldn’t shake the desolate and sinister air the luminous being was emitting. 

“He left you”, the lamp spoke. “It’s just you and me now, starving for contact.”