Beta/Sensitivity Reading


I’m offering beta and sensitivity reading services for unpublished and established authors who need help shaping their works and characters.

Beta Reading

A beta reader is someone who reads your complete and unpublished manuscript to make sure it’s fine or needs work from a reader’s perspective.

For this service:

  • I watch out for grammar and spelling
  • Critique the plot, the structure and characters
  • Make suggestions to improve the work

Sensitivity Reading

A sensitivity reader is someone who reads a complete and unpublished manuscript to check on representation, watching out for negative or offensive descriptions.

Accurate and respectful representation is important to me. I love to help fellow writers to avoid anything problematic in their works.

Note: as I’m just one person with my own experiences as a bi poc with anxiety and a chronic condition, my critique on cultures and identities might differ with another’s.

For both services, you will receive a one-two page critique on characters, plot, structure and representation.

Your work will not be shared outside of the services.

Genres I Read:

  • Young Adult fantasy, sci-fi, suspense/thriller, and contemporary
  • Diverse/Own Voices involving LBGTQIAP+ (especially bisexuality), intellectual disability, mental health (especially anxiety), selective mutism, fat representation, chronic illness (in particular hyper/hypothyroidism), and PoC (in particular Chinese and Indonesian characters and settings, and Chinese-Indonesian diaspora)
  • MG fantasy in the likes of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter
  • I’m into anything geeky and intersectional diverse stories, and stories involving fandoms and superheroes

I’m not looking for New Adult, Adult (unless it’s sci-fi/fantasy in a similar vein as Red Rising and Neil Gaiman’s books), short stories and poetry.

My Qualifications:

  • I have a BA in English which involved endless critical essays on works
  • As a querying writer with a mentor, I’ve become more skilled in revisions, tightening my own stories and make note of any problems I need to fix up or pay attention to
  • I have critique partner (CP) and beta reading experience
  • I’m a book reviewer who focuses on YA, the flow of the story, diverse representation and characterisation


I’m accepting finished full manuscripts with a word count between 50,000-100,000 and charging $50 (AUD). I also accept partial manuscripts (the first five chapters) and charging $25 (AUD). You are free to use both beta and sensitivity reading services. I aim to read every manuscript, but know that because of life commitments, I can’t get to all at once. Please be patient.

The turnaround date depends on the manuscript’s length and my schedule, but I will aim for four weeks to finish.

I only accept payment via Paypal and ask that you will make the payment at the start.

If you’re ready to test your manuscript with me, please contact me and provide the hook of your story (think of book blurbs), genre and the word count. You can also specify what areas and marginalisation you want me to focus on.

This service is open to writers in and outside of Australia.

I look forward to hearing from you!