Mini Reviews on The Dark Prophecy and One of Us is Lying


The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy

The sequel to The Trials of Apollo series was worth the wait and hype. It follows up with Apollo on his quest to find his demigod friend/master Meg, fulfill a prophecy, and uncover the identities of the rest of the evil Triumvirate.

From the start, I was completely hooked because 1) Apollo is my favourite Greek god 2) the voice is pretty good 3) Apollo makes me laugh while struggling to overcome his selfishness to save his friends and other mortals 4) Calypso is awesome 5) Emmie and Josephine are former Hunters of Artemis and are a loving couple 5) The Throne of Memory is intriguing.

While the book ended with a very dark prophecy and the return of a Percy Jackson character, the ending felt anticlimactic for a cliffhanger, compared to the first book.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

One of Us is Lying

[spoilers ahead]

The Breakfast Club meets Gossip Girl meets Cluedo. Five students end up in detention but one (Simon) dies, leading to a murder investigation and the remaining four (Bronwyn, Cooper, Addy and Nate) become suspects. They all have secrets. Secrets that Simon knows and was about to reveal to the world through his notorious gossip app About That before his death. So who killed him to keep theirs?

My eyes and hands were glued to the book. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are high school stereotypes (jock, princess, geek, bad boy and outsider) but they’re much deeper than that. The book has an interesting plot twist but I didn’t like the “outsider/depressed kidΒ is the killer” trope. It’s not refreshing and is insulting. Not every social outcast wants revenge norΒ are depressed people dangerous. It sucks even more when the ones who hate or drove the outsider to commit something dangerous aren’t punished or don’t learn from their actions.

I want a story where the mastermind isn’t an outsider or someone who just wants to fit in or have mental health issues.

The ending of the book felt like a contemporary romance with the characters not shown how effected they were by the situation they were in. It was like nothing happened. Like a different book just started. While I enjoyed the romance blossoming between Nate and Bronwyn, it felt out of place in the epilogue.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


One thought on “Mini Reviews on The Dark Prophecy and One of Us is Lying

  1. bookdragon1017 says:

    Both are books I want to read very very soon! I’m glad you liked them so much! Although I might have to reread the Hidden Oracle because I don’t remember anything besides Apollo’s sass so it’ll probably take more time than I want to get to them! Dammit memory! You’ve failed me again. :/

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