A Review on The Song Rising


Title: The Song Rising

Author: Samantha Shannon

Publication date: 3 March 2017

Publisher: Bloomsbury

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Waiting for this book was worth it. The third book in The Bone Season series, The Song Rising follows up with Paige settling into her role as Underqueen and leader of the Mime Order. When she discovers that the enemy’s weapon Senshield is close to full development and has endangered several voyants, Paige and every voyant under her rule retreat to underground. But she’s not going to back down. Along with a crew of her closest friends and commanders, Paige sets out to find the source that powers the Senshield.

There isn’t a page that slows the plot or quest down and with each cliffhanger and twist, I found myself literally on the edge of my seat, back hunched, eyes a little too close to the book…and not taking enough breaks in between reading. As expected, Shannon’s writing is beautiful and concise – and has strengthened over three books.

I love Paige’s character. She struggles with wanting to prove to everyone that she’s worthy and doubts herself while showing moments of naivety and overconfidence. There was a scene that made me roll eyes because it was a cliche, but Paige had to do it. We get to see more of Warden and some of his character growth in this book, but he still remains distant. Even though the tension between Paige and Warden irritated me since I ship them, I liked that they were focused on their mission and they had a choice in their relationship.

The side characters Maria, Eliza, Nick and Tom made me fall in love with them. Each play their part and are solid. As for the villains, I wish the Emim had more of a role and Nashira wasn’t confined to the last 100 pages. I did get goosebumps from Vance and Jaxon as they were so calculating and unpredictable – their ulterior motives are in the dark too.

With amazing complex characters and a plot that makes your heart race, The Song Rising completely hooks you in from beginning to end and wanting more rebellious spirits.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

TW: violence, scenes with torture, numbers on body parts


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