A Dark Pact Indeed: A Review on Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact


Title: Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact

Author: Alison Goodman

Published: January 2017

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia/Viking Books for Young Readers

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Reading the sequel to the Dark Days Club was worth it. Dark Days Pact continues with Lady Helen’s training to be a Reclaimer. While her feelings for Carlston grows, he falls deeper into darkness, prompting a search for a cure. Under their superior’s instructions, Helen ends up looking for a book that has damning revelations…leading to darker secrets of the Reclaimer/Deceiver world. But she isn’t the only one looking for it.

Like the first, Dark Days Pact manages to blend the Regency era and fantasy well. Even though there’s less action compared to Dark Days Club, the book hooks you in through suspense and the characters themselves.

The characters are more fleshed out and purpose-driven. I like that Helen is still a novice, reluctant and hesitant, and not suddenly a pro at Reclaiming. The idea of being a normal woman (and being relentlessly pursued by the Duke of Selburn who hasn’t given up on proposing to her – so romantic *coughs*) and what she is also puts her in an awkward position. It’s a crisis all right.

Since I can’t get enough of magical objects, I love the book that everyone is searching for and how it plays a role in determining their lives. All this leads to something I can’t spoil and it has made me cry because [censored].

Anyway, the ending leaves you hanging…or lying on the floor in a pool of tears and begging for the next book to come.


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Note/TW: characters suffering from “madness”, off-page sexual abuse, blood gore, characters cutting their hands in order to make pacts


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