Review: A Girl Called Owl



Title: A Girl Called Owl

Author: Amy Wilson

Publication date: 31 January 2017

RRP: $14.99 (Aus)

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia


If you want to read a softcore fairytale retelling, A Girl Called Owl (Amy Wilson) is one for you. The story centres on Owl who has wondered who her absent father is her whole life. Her life changes when she starts to see frost…coming from her and yes, there’s a new boy in town. This leads her to a new, dangerous world and her father’s identity.

There were many times that I wanted to abandon this book but I pushed on. It didn’t pull me in but the concept and the Jack Frost story intrigued me. I was more interested in Jack Frost and the supernatural characters than Owl and those around her. I wish there was more character development. The characters were flat. I didn’t feel any attachment to them. The book’s tendency to tell rather than show probably played a role in that.

The romance was unnecessary and had little foundation. There was also the “I’m watching over you” part that didn’t sit well with me. However, the friendship between Owl and her best friend Mallory was something to cherish.

Despite its flaws, A Girl Called Owl has a solid plot and worldbuilding – ideal for light reading.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is an honest review. Thank you Pan Macmillan Australia for giving me the chance to review A Girl Called Owl.


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