The Fifth Avenue Artists Society: A Review


Ever imagine what it’s like to meet your favourite authors and share their writing space and your own stories with them? This book explores your fantasy (just a bit).

The Fifth Avenue Artists Society is an interesting book centring on struggling writer Virginia who experiences heartbreak when the love of her life Charlie proposes to someone else. Virginia ends up writing a novel based on him and her, and gets introduced to the Fifth Avenue Artists Society where she meets people like her and learns to master her writing skills.

But there’s something sinister revolving around the Society as some people start to die under mysterious circumstances…

Things I liked:

– The main character experiences the ups and downs of being a writer

– The Society itself. So romantic

– I didn’t expect that there would be a mystery/suspense element in this book, so that hooked me

– Virginia and John Hopper. Yes, I ship them

Things I didn’t like:

– No conclusion on Virginia’s brother Franklin and the Hoppers’ fates. Just tell me!

– Charlie. I found him annoying and possessive rather than a love interest I would root for.

– Epilogue. I’m not really a fan of epilogues and I thought this book’s was too convenient (romance wise) and summary-ish

But overall, Fifth Avenue Artists Society is an enjoyable read, especially if you’re an artist.

Rating: 📝📝📝

This is an honest review. Thank you Allen and Unwin for giving me the chance to read and review.

Title: The Fifth Avenue Artists Society

Author: Joy Callaway

Publication Date:

23 November 2016

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Australian RRP: $29.99


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