Moon Chosen: A Review + Q & A with PC Cast


I have the pleasure to be a part of the Moon Chosen blog tour and get some answers from the author PC Cast.

Moon Chosen centres on Mari who is unique, an Earth Walker and a Companion with the power to call on the moon. She crosses paths with Nik, a member of her rival clan, and their world changes. And something sinister starts brewing…

First off, a little Q & A with PC Cast.

If Moon Chosen was to be made into a movie, do you have any actors and actresses in mind you’d want to play the roles?

PC: I have a specific vision for this series, and I see all of the characters, but I haven’t put “real” faces to them. The disappointment with my producer for the House of Night (Samuel Hadida at Davis Films) and the fact that they haven’t followed through on any of their promises has perhaps jaded me for Hollywood daydreams…

What was the greatest challenge you faced while writing Moon Chosen?

PC: The greatest challenge was the fact that almost everyone wanted me to write another series like the House of Night (the exceptions were my agent, Meredith Bernstein, and my daughter, Kristin). I always write the book I most want to read, and that wasn’t a HoN knockoff. I actually had to take a year off to write MOON CHOSEN without having a publisher for it. I believed in myself, and I absolutely believed in my new series – and it was all worth it when my new editor, Monique Patterson, fell in love with it, too!

What’s next for P.C. Cast?

PC: Finishing SUN WARRIOR, book two in this series. Also, Kristin and I are going to begin a new YA series called THE DYSASTERS, which we’re super excited about! The first two books will be released spring and summer of 2018. And I’m hard at work on a 10th anniversary House of Night surprise for our fabulous fans!

Now on to my review on Moon Chosen:

The book had a slow start and didn’t pull me in until five chapters in when things started get tense and interesting. I think the plot and suspense pulled everything together.

I couldn’t connect with the characters. The only time I felt something for them and rooting for them was when the villain started to stir shit up. The romance between Mari and Nik felt forced – there was no chemistry between them or a build up. I wasn’t a fan of Mari’s clan being driven to madness – with the men becoming wild and animalistic, and the women becoming depressed. Why can’t they experience both of those traits?

I pictured the characters, the tribes and clans as poc, more specifically Native Americans…before they were described as pale and some of them were blonde. So I was put off by the lack of diversity in this post-apocalyptic world (the remnants of modern society and the concept of humans returning to the Stone Age was interesting though).

The obstacles and villains didn’t raise the stakes high enough to carry through the book as they were mainly in the background and appear towards the end. The climax was a bit anticlimactic but keeps you waiting for something.

I did like the idea of being one with the moon and the strong relationships between humans and dogs – which is one of Nik’s tribe’s essential aspects. It made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️




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