An Ending Worthy of Feels: A Review on The Midnight Star


A satisfying ending to The Young Elites trilogy, The Midnight Star continues on with anti-heroine Adelina who rules her new kingdom and conquered lands with an iron fist but still struggles with her illusions taunting her. Soon she has no choice but to work with the Daggers, her enemy, when a force threatens their lives (and others like them – the Elites) and the world.

The Midnight Star swept me off my feet with beautiful, hypnotic writing, the vivid Italian/Mediterranean-inspired settings (obviously), and cliffhangers and plot twists that make your jaw drop and eyes pop out of their sockets.

I didn’t expect gods and goddesses to play a part and they didn’t disappoint in haunting the characters. Adelina continued to clutch me in her hands. Her character is complex and you could feel her struggle with morality, her loyalty to her sister and her hatred towards the whole world thanks to the pain of discrimination it brought upon her. The frustration made me cry but it gave a reason to root for her, for a possible redemption.

The other characters aren’t also black and white. They struggle and even so more when they have to team up with Adelina.

As if their internal and external wars weren’t enough, Enzo pulled my heartstrings. I can’t spoil much but I understand and am okay with his fate.

Even though I found Adelina and Magiano getting together quite fast, I loved them so much. They trust each other and have a great rapport. Magiano brings the best out of her and never leaves her side despite her actions – but that doesn’t mean he isn’t wary or stays silent.

Adelina and her sister Violetta’s relationship broke me. Even tho they’re sort of enemies for most of the book and they spent little together, reconciling a bit, I did feel that they still care about each other. And again this wars with their stance on morality and goals.

Representation continues to be well-written and portrayed til the very end, though it has some problems regarding ableism (spoilers, so I won’t go into detail).

The only downsides of this book are: One, the climax. I thought it was a little underwhelming and wished it was elaborated more. Two, there weren’t enough scenes with Maeve and Lucent. Their relationship wasn’t deeply explored as much as I expected.

The ending was so unexpected and beautiful and sort of left to interpretation that I cried a lot.

The Midnight Star is definitely one of my top reads this year πŸ™‚

Rating: πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’«β˜„οΈ


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