Review: Witch’s Pyre


A satisfying conclusion to the Worldwalker trilogy, Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini follows powerful witch Lily Proctor finding a solution to end the rising conflict in the other world and the mystery of the dangerous Woven.

Despite a slow start and having the tendency to summarise or tell instead of letting the reader feel the scenes, the book keeps you hooked with plot twists (I admit not exactly surprising ones but still intriguing) and tension build up. We do see the characters shine and become complex – I’m still bitter about Tristan’s death in the previous book by the way. I appreciate that PoC and LGBT characters have significant roles and aren’t killed off. It’s interesting and refreshing that Lily kind of takes the backseat. She does do things like fuelling her squad and armies and play a main role in battle but she doesn’t actively engage in it. Her skills are mainly mental.

I’m continued to be amazed with how witchcraft works in this world and I was curious about the other countries mentioned – wish they were explored. Another thing I wish is for the climax, the battle, to be elaborated because it felt rushed and not in the moment. The ending felt rushed as well and it felt like several things were cut out.

But overall, Witch’s Pyre is an enjoyable read.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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