Review on The Last Star


Source: Amazon

The last book of The 5th Wave series continues with the squad’s mission to take down Vosch and the rest of the Others.

While I enjoyed The 5th Wave, The Last Star was disappointing like the second Infinite Sea. The characters were flat and just telling rather than showing me what was happening.

The only redeeming feature is Ringer/Marika. She steals the show and is more interesting than the supposed-to-be protagonist Cassie. Cassie grew from someone I loved to someone I couldn’t stand. I found her love for Evan Walker and vice versa unbelievable and lack emotional impact.

There were random characters that appeared and disappeared so fast that I wondered what was the point of their roles. The villain Vosch didn’t threaten me since he appeared little in the book and his fate was glossed over.

It was such a trek to read through The Last Star. I was hoping for a better end to the trilogy but I ended up feeling tired and I sighed since it ended with a Hunger Games ending.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️


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