The Book With Everything: A Review on The Girl From Everywhere


The Girl From Everywhere is one of this year’s anticipated books and it didn’t disappoint. From the first page, I was swept away by its tide of a story. It centres on Nix who goes through voyages to different places and times as her father, a Navigator (or time traveller) is on a quest to reach her mother before her death in the 1800s. But this presents a problem. Would the future/present change? Would Nix still exist? She has to make a choice. Stay with her father or choose her own future.

Things to love or in other words, this book has everything:

  • Biracial protagonist and a diverse cast
  • Well laid out history – Hawaii with foreigners around and racism (enough for me to squirm) and ancient China
  • Mythical beings – you’ll be surprised
  • Hawaiian mythology explored – I only knew about the goddess Pele, so this book has opened up my mind more
  • A romance that slowly burns. A love triangle is sort of there but doesn’t take the focus away from the plot. BTW, Team Nixmir!
  • Time travel thanks to maps and a ship
  • A heist that calls for treason – I didn’t see that coming
  • Hawaiian and Chinese words that had me reaching for Google translate and a phrasebook
  • Well written and the setting is strongly built that I could taste seawater and sand, and I got thirsty because nothing was going down my mouth haha

Things I didn’t love or in other words, just minor things: There are moments where I was confused. Maybe I read too fast or there wasn’t much detail on an action and it was flat. But that didn’t stop me from loving the book. I can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

If you love myths, heists, pirates, time travel and history, then you’ll love The Girl From Everywhere.

Rating: 4/5


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