City of Love All Right: A Review on Anna & the French Kiss

imageSet in the City of Love, a sort of cliché but I didn’t mind, Anna and the French Kiss follows Anna moving to Paris and attends school there – something she dreads. Soon she immerses herself in the culture and makes friends, and develops feelings for one of them: St. Clair.

Things get complicated as those feelings grow and it seems that St. Clair is starting to reciprocate but gives mixed signals towards her.

I enjoyed this book even though I’m not exactly a sucker for romance (the ending may seem cheesy but I melted. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to read happy endings after books with open endings and cliffhanger-ish ones) or whiny privileged teens having first world problems – like I would gladly take Anna’s place. It’s Paris. But gradually I warmed up to her, especially after she learns that she has the tendency to assume the worst, and she makes up for it. While I liked the characters, I thought some of them weren’t fleshed out and I wanted Anna’s friends Meredith, Rashmi and Josh to have backstories and their own subplots intertwined with Anna and St. Clair’s. Not just…there to be her support system.

I was swept away by the descriptions of Paris, French words, its neighbourhoods and all the places the characters to go to (I’m going to watch more classic French movies). Though I wished that more non-popular or underrated attractions had a presence.

If you’re looking for teen romance that doesn’t involve John Green and so much sadness, then I recommend Anna and the French Kiss. Jusqu’à  la prochaine fois!

Rating: 4/5


7 thoughts on “City of Love All Right: A Review on Anna & the French Kiss

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Yesss, I loved this one too!! I mean, the romance annoyed me a little with all the cheating and mixed-messages basically. I mean, Etienne needed to gET IT TOGETHER. But France! FRANCE. I want to go to France so badly, so reading this was like a nice little taste. :’) Especially the description of those crepes, omg, I WANT FRENCH FOOD. XD heheh.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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