Red Riding Hood in Action: A Review on Scarlet


I have a soft spot for fairytale retellings. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer so far has captivated me. It started off with Cinder, a reimagining of Cinderella (Cinder) being part cyborg and in the future – and she is Princess Selene who was thought to have perished long ago and is now being hunted down by the evil Queen Levana and the rest of Earth. The sequel Scarlet, which I just finished, introduces a new Red Riding Hood named Scarlet. She’s searching for her missing grandmother and ends up crossing paths with Cinder.

Despite the amount of telling than showing and several anticlimactic moments, the writing and the characters still manage to hook me in. I love the twists and turns, throwing off my expectations and leaving me think “Oh, wow, I didn’t see that coming”. The addition of a new main character didn’t overshadow Cinder. Both her and Scarlet have an equal amount of pagetime (? Well, it’s a word now). Thorne, who I found hilarious and fell in love with, and Wolf are also great additions, bringing so much tension to the story.

Even though Kai and Queen Levana have smaller roles compared to the first book, they still manage to struck a chord in me. You can feel Kai’s frustration and desperation burning you. You can feel Queen Levana’s calm voice slithering all over you and you wish you could punch her face. I’m dying to know what happens next.

If you love or interested in fairytale retellings, I recommend this book. If you’re sick of the same fairytale (like Cinderella and Snow White) being retold over and over and over again and want to explore other underrated ones, then I also recommend reading this book.

Rating: 4/5


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