What I Love About A Court of Thorns & Roses

imageA Court of Mist & Fury by Sarah J Maas is coming in less than two weeks and I’m trying hard to calm down. To celebrate its release, fans are reading the first A Court of Thorns & Roses and sharing their love for it. So I’m going to list all the things I love about ACOTAR.

  1. It’s a Beauty & the Beast (my favourite fairytale) retelling and a great, mindblowing one at that. It’s also a retelling of Tam Lin which I was unfamiliar with. ACOTAR has unique twists that keep you under a pleasing spell.
  2. The characters are well-developed and unique that you root for almost all of them. Even the antagonist Amarantha is convincing, getting on your nerves (in a good way). Tamlin is not only sexy, aggressive and protective, he has a soft heart and definitely not the old brooding type. Feyre is badass, feminine and places her loved ones above her despite their faults. I think she would go under the mountain for anyone she cares about or anyone within proximity (who is nice that is).

I love that she and Tamlin are equals and their relationship is goals. They learn about each other and learn to respect each other. They’re both naive in some ways but wise in other areas. They’re not perfect which is a plus.

Lucien is a character I want to shield from the world. He’s slightly annoying, arrogant but has a soft side. He’s more than just the sidekick. Rhysand, basically the bad boy but he manages to get under your skin and make you love him.

Feyre’s family isn’t just in the background or disposable. They remain her source of motivation and I like how her sisters aren’t exactly cruel. Nesta turns from spoiled brat and cold to a person who has a heart after all and would do anything for her family even Feyre.

3. Prythian. There’s so much we don’t know about the land which is divided into different  fae courts, named after seasons and times of day. We’ll get to learn more about Prythian and the neighbouring lands as the series progresses and Feyre learns, and pieces of the map will be added. Clever.

4. Sexy moments. They’re even hotter than those you find in erotica – ACOTAR puts erotic books to shame. I had to reread the intimate scenes between Feyre and Tamlin several times before moving on – they’re just that good. The sensual writing captivates me, making me sweat too.

5. ACOTAR is beautifully written. You can see how Maas’ writing has evolved from Throne of Glass. The writing sweeps you off your feet. Each word is valuable and stimulates your senses and your feels. The book has several amazing lines such as “I love you, thorns and all” [melts].

6. Suspense. The book keeps teasing you with each chapter and keeps you guessing what will happen next, but always leads you to the unexpected.

7. The masks. Despite commenting how beautiful Tamlin, Lucien and the other fae are, Feyre learns to trust them with their faces partially hidden. I love that it teaches you to look beyond appearance but make you curious about what the person looks like without the mask. The masks also correspond to the curse – Tamlin being unable to reveal it to Feyre but make half-reveals. Someone needs to make the masks now!

So there you have it. I’m looking forward to ACOMAF. There will be more faes, sexy times, obstacles, and a shipload of feels by the sounds of it.



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