Real or Not Real? A Review on Fake

imageContinuing swimming deeper into the sea of contemporary, I read Fake by Beck Nicholas. It centres on Kath who, together with her best friend Chay, creates a fake guy in order to get revenge on Lana. Lana humiliated and has tormented Kath, and to make it worse Kath’s crush Joel is in her arms.

Things start to go downhill when Kath becomes close to Lana’s brother Sebastian who has his own secrets.

Fake takes a look at online identities, creating fake identities to troll, and high school drama. It explores the consequences but…doesn’t really deal with them. [spoiler alert] After Kath reveals that the guy she created and Lana fell for is fake, Kath doesn’t really get reprimanded for it. People including Sebastian avoid her but that’s it. In the end, Sebastian forgives her and they reconcile. I was like “Really? Kath trolled your sister to the point that Lana almost got physically hurt.”

Another spoiler alert: Sebastian is a single dad. It’s sweet but I find it…I don’t know but it didn’t feel real or maybe it’s because Kath is indifferent (to a lot of things, actually, including his baby). I get that instalove and your world revolving around a guy thing, but it irritated me. Like this girl is trolling the guy’s sister for…stealing a guy whom she didn’t even date or kiss. Kath has her hesitations but she hesitated too much and has her pride.

Though I wished that Sebastian, since he’s a computer expert, would find out about Kath and her friend being behind the fake guy. That would’ve heighten the tension/climax and really put Sebastian’s skills into action instead of just mentioning those skills. Instead, we have Kath declaring the truth in front of everyone at school….that’s boring. We also don’t get to have a resolution for Lana. Yes, it turns out that she’s human with feelings, but it’s not enough to call it great character development.

Not that Kath deserves a humiliating consequence, but I wanted something more heartwrenching, something that would make me anxious and sweat and a little satisfied that someone, especially Sebastian, confronts her.

Kath and Sebastian getting back together in the end…no, it would’ve been better if they went their separate ways or took a very, very long break from each other to heal and change. Not every romance in contemporary has to have a happy ending.

Rating: 3/5


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