Review: Glass Sword

imageKneel or bleed? I think I bled while sort of enjoying and forcing myself to read Glass Sword (by Victoria Aveyard). The story continues on with Mare Barrow and her group of rebels fleeing from tyrants Queen Elara and Maven, and search for the new bloods – red-blooded people with gifts, gifts fit for a silver-blood.

While I loved Red Queen, I thought the sequel was a bit of a letdown. I liked some parts but most of the time, the book dragged and I had to force myself to finish it, thinking it might get better and intense. It kind of did. Sad that it was towards the end.

It wasn’t only the plot and structure that put me off. It was Mare too. I found her irritating and just, I can’t believe I’m saying this but she’s not likeable (it’s fine to have unlikeable female characters and some of my favs are villains, but Mare Barrow…omg, I wanted to stab her and the way she treats a poc like Cameron is just…when will poc characters be leaders? I’m sick of them being pushed around by white protagonists).

One of the things about first person narrative is that it can annoy the reader and there’s isn’t much room for other characters’ thoughts. I think this book would’ve worked well in third person. Sorry but I was sick of Mare’s voice. It didn’t convince me to care for her, to understand her – also she sounded a little up herself and the language was quite dramatic that I couldn’t take the situation or Mare’s thoughts seriously. Maybe this character development was intentional. My allegiances definitely shifted.

I found myself being on Team Cameron. Cameron basically speaks truth and drags Mare. I wish the book was from her POV. I found her more compelling and the stakes seem high and reasonable for her.

Despite Mare, I do like the relationships and characters evolving, but at times, it felt like they changed too much from what they were like in the previous book.

And one last thing (and a slight spoiler). A villain was disposed too quickly and unseen. It would’ve been better if that was given a few pages instead of a summary.

Rating: 3/5



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