Introducing an exciting new project: ART AGAINST ABUSE.

50 Shades is Domestic Abuse

art quote

You may have heard recently that there are charity shops being inundated with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels.  Indeed, one Oxfam store in Swansea, Wales, even built a fort out of their unwanted copies.

Whilst the thought that a series that romanticises stalking, threats and emotional abuse is cluttering up charity shop shelves, unsold and unwanted, is obviously enough to put a smirk on our faces, Natalie and I began to realise that simply recycling the books is something of a missed opportunity.  Why not use them?

Art – in all its glorious forms – is a wonderful way of spreading a powerful message.  Paintings, sculptures, sonnets and musical compositions have a way of getting under our skin and forcing us to confront issues.  So, why not use all of those unwanted copies of Fifty Shades… to create works of art?

This is where 

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