Happy International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate the day by appreciating all the books that have female authors and characters who are strong in so many ways.


  •  Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass). Not only is she the world’s best assassin and sassy, she has great taste in fashion and loves to shop, buying a lot of luxurious things. She’s a badass who doesn’t need give up her femininity.
  • Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre): This girl gets me every time. Unwanted and ridiculed and punished unjustly, and feeling out of place – not just with family but her job position puts her neither with the masters or the servants. It’s a wonder why she’s so forgiving to those who did her wrong and never let her principles slip away entirely.
  • Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice). Witty and stubborn, Lizzy knows how to grill people. But she does have flaws and is able to learn from her mistakes.
  • Shazi (The Wrath & the Dawn). Loyal to the point that she would sacrifice her life to bring justice, Shazi stands out on her own and becomes a rock and the world to Khalid *heart eyes*
  • Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles). A hard worker and loyal. She doesn’t let abuse and shame tear her down.
  • Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy). Badass with a silver stake and sassy. Like Celaena, she doesn’t lose touch with femininity – embraces it. She will protect you and your friends.
  • Sydney Sage (VA/Bloodlines). Her intelligence and strategic ways are alluring. An example of a workaholic but she does eventually make time for friends and a special guy while still loyal to her job.
  • Laia (An Ember in the Ashes). Joins a rebel group and spies for them. Despite facing obstacles, she keeps her head up and fight on.

Frankenstein doesn’t have much female presence but Mary Shelley is amazing in pouring her emotions and experiences as a woman, especially failure in parenthood (casting a shade on her father too), into the characters.


  • Feyre (A Court of Thorns and Roses): Fierce and everything I want to be. She sacrifices her life with her family to keep them safe and pay her debt to the cursed Tamlin. She doesn’t need physical strength or a weapon to defeat the villain.
  •  Lady Helen (Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club). She’s the result if Buffy and Elizabeth Bennett got together. She’s a lady but armed with more than just her wit and manners.
  • Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments): A fiery redhead who would do anything to save and protect her loved ones and she makes her own rules.

There are more plenty amazing female characters but these are my favourites 🙂


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