Pieces of Sky

image.jpegContinuing plunging into Australian fiction, I read Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle and it’s one of my favourites. The story follows the aftermath of Cam and the effect it has on his sister Lucy. She struggles to cope, puts her swimming life on hold, and starts hanging out with new friends, all the while Cam’s phone is still alive with new messages from a mysterious person.

Though the first few chapters were slow and at some point, the story dragged a bit, it eventually hooked me because of the mystery behind the messages, Cam’s death and Cam himself (I expected the novel to turn into a crime fic), and Lucy’s struggle.

I like how her struggle is explored in such a raw description, opening the flood gates that frame my eyes, but it also made me breathless – drowning and afraid of drowning like Lucy.

Well written and with well developed characters, Pieces of Sky is read-worthy and an example of great Australian YA.



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