imageI could never get tired of fallen angels and the whole forbidden romance theme in the Fallen series is an exception – I didn’t roll my eyes. Lauren Kate doesn’t disappoint. Unforgiven, the fifth book in the series, is even better than the previous four – and perhaps an improvement character-wise.

Unforgiven is Cam (the bad boy)’s story. He searches for his long-lost true love Lilith who is trapped in an eternity of hells. He makes a deal with Lucifer who’s keeping her trapped. Cam is given a certain number of days to make Lilith fall in love with him again (she doesn’t remember him thanks to Lucifer).

But the problem is Lilith is cursed to hate Cam’s guts…

The stakes in this books are high, keeping your fingers turning the page, wondering if Cam would free Lilith, if Lilith would overcome her own obstacles. The writing is incredible and filled with soul. Yes, I cried.

The only flaw I found is the usual rival between the heroine and the bitchy popular girl. I’m tired of that. Oh and also the recurring presence of biology classes [rolls eyes].


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