Friday Brown


Source: Goodreads

A thrilling read, Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield follows a teen named Friday who’s on the run from her family curse. She ends up crossing paths with a group of misfits led by the mysterious but alluring Arden.

Friday soon finds herself (and also the group) in peril when she tries to leave with one member Silence whom she forms a close bond with. Arden wants the group to stay together…

Friday Brown is a page turner from the beginning to the end. The characters are well-written and distinctive – carrying their own allure.

I love how magic or supernatural, the curse, is subtle and Friday’s actions are determined by it. It doesn’t play much of a major role and you can forget about it as you would be preoccupied with Friday’s experiences with the group and the group themselves.

This book will leave you stunned for hours.


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