Everything, Everything


Source: EW

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon became one of my favourite and precious books. It centres on Maddy who has a rare health condition that restricts her from the outside world. Her life is filled with routines. Same old, same old. Until new people, a family, move in next door. She begins communicating with the son Olly via online and later in person – with caution.

Maddy soon develops a very strong desire to experience the new and all the normal stuff other teens experience and do. Even if it means putting her life in danger.

Everything, Everything is a clever book, so well-written and structured that the story really hits you in the chest, makes you laugh until you get stitches, and travels into your heart [sniffs]. Each chapter reveals one piece of the characters at a time and you fall for them deeper.

It’s different and more relatable than The Fault in Our Stars. There’s more characterisation – Everything, Everything makes you care about the characters and they’re also diverse.

One flaw the book has is the whole sick person falls in love theme, love conquers all. I’m not sure if it romanticises people with illnesses, but the plot twist does question on the use of health conditions as a source for drama. Does the book represent a serious or respectful view? I’m still deciding on that.

Overall, Everything, Everything is an enjoyable read that will melt your heart.


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