The Forever Song

Source: HarlequinTeen

Source: HarlequinTeen

The Forever Song brought tears to my eyes. It’s the last entry of the Blood of Eden series (by Julie Kagawa).

The book continues to follow Allison Sekemoto and her quest to find and stop Sarren from spreading a deadly virus. A virus capable of killing both humans and vampires.

Along the way, Allison finds something or someone unexpected, putting her into a difficult situation.

The Forever Song is well-written and again Kagawa manages to hook the reader with each palpitation-induced chapter and beyond the end. The characters continue to develop but like the previous The Eternity Cure, Sarren is still sort of a one-dimensional villain and mostly appears in the latter half of the book.

While I’m a fan of first person narrative and Allison, more povs would’ve been better, in particular Sarren and Zeke (spoiler alert: you’ll understand why).

Overall the book is an enjoyable read and if vampire fiction was one of your phases, The Forever Song (along with the rest of the series) pulls you back into the genre. The ending is satisfying and it gives you hope that there might be a possible sequel. Hopefully.



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