The Eternity Cure

Source: HarlequinTeen

Source: HarlequinTeen

The Blood of Eden series (by Julie Kagawa) has sucked me back into the vampire genre (excluding film/TV) and by that, I mean my love for the genre has rekindled. Following The Immortal Rules, I read its sequel The Eternity Cure. It centres on vampire Allison Sekemoto still struggling with her hunger and being a monster, and she’s searching for her creator Kanin who is held prisoner by Sarren, her brother in vampire terms.

To fulfill her mission, Allison must team up with the untrustworthy Jackal who is also Kanin’s ‘child’. Along the way, they follow Sarren’s trail and his sinister clues. They also encounter Allison’s love interest Zeke [heart eyes].

The Eternity Cure never misses a palpitating beat. Each chapter leads up to something revealing or big, making you want/need the next book. The characterisation develops bit by bit as the story progresses – though I would’ve liked to see some humanised or flawed side to Sarren, not just portray him as a villain with a goal.


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