8909152Attachments. Things that you attach to emails, things that connect two people. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell is such a cute story about two women Jennifer and Beth making exchanges via email and an IT guy Lincoln reading their exchanges as part of his job.

Instead of dealing with their flagged emails, Lincoln becomes invested in the women, more than he should be, and eventually falls for Beth. Coincidentally, Beth develops a crush on him but is unaware that he’s the IT guy in charge of monitoring emails, monitoring her emails.

While their story is romantic in a cute fantasy way, Lincoln and Beth are stalkerish. They’re aware that they are. Still, it’s weird and wrong – I wouldn’t encourage it in reality. However it does reflect how people interact online, and the pros and cons of anonymity. I liked building pictures of Jennifer and Beth just based on their emails.

I would’ve loved a solid conflict or something that builds up to a climax in the story – not just Lincoln struggling to face and ask Beth out in person, but conflict as a result of the other characters or a technology malfunction. The ending was a bit cheesy and Beth’s reaction when everything’s revealed…not realistic.

Anyway, you will be attached to this book despite its flaws.


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