True Blood (Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead)

{61D80BB0-60EB-4201-80CD-E47BEC5894AF}Img100A fan of the TV series True Blood, I decided to read the whole book series (I had only read book 4, 10 and 11), starting with the first three Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead.

The story follows telepathic Sookie Stakehouse who finds her right man in the form of vampire Bill Compton, but their relationship is tested by obstacles including other vampires and humans.

The writing is catchy and brings out the American South. I could feel its environment. The main plots are solid but compared to the TV show, the scenes are…anti-climatic. We get an intense build up but when we reach the climax, the stories fall flat. The show fixed that – made me appreciate changes that come with adaptations.

The only developed character is Sookie and to an extent, Bill. They’re both annoying too. The rest are one-dimensional and they’re mainly on the sidelines. The TV versions are much more developed and have their own story arc.

Book version of Bill comes out as possessive and manipulative that I wanted Sookie to break up with him fast (and what’s with him grooming her? Brushing her hair, washing her…it’s disturbing), whereas the TV version is an actual gentleman with the “I hate what I am, but I’m still a monster” trait. He feels more real.

I also found that the TV version of Sookie is better and less annoying (maybe because I’m not in her head – the books are in first person). The book version is so…okay, I understand that she’s in love and “he’s irresistible” but she doesn’t see that Bill’s possessive and controlling. She finally does notice in book three. Aside from romance, Sookie is a bit misogynistic despite being an independent woman and for some reason, she instantly hates the women Bill had connections with – even though she barely knows them. Cliche. I guess I should’ve expected conservative traits since the books are set in the South – again the show explores them better along with female friendships.

Overall Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead are good reads and I’m going to read the rest, hoping for improvement in characterisation and scenes.


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