20950716Spark takes relationships to a whole new intense level. The book follows Evie who undergoes a genetic transformation into a protector – her first charge happens to be her best friend Kitty. Evie must train to protect her from a Stray, someone who is genetically born to kill someone like Kitty.

The identity of the Stray is unclear, putting Evie on high alert, even close to paranoia. On top of this, her attraction to Kitty’s brother Jamie becomes too strong to ignore. But she can’t risk Kitty’s life by being distracted by him. Also she has to hide her identity from a certain organisation responsible for manipulating genetics…

I enjoyed Spark because I found it quite realistic and subtle on the sci-fi part. The characters are hilariously amazing, so teen, so human. Though Jamie needs to show Evie more respect when she isn’t in the mood.

The importance of female friendships is refreshing since it takes precedence over the romance – yes, more female friendship-focused stories in YA please! There’s also the usual rivalry/jealousy between girls (which is common, with the protagonist making hateful comments about the “other girls”) but it’s short-lived with both parties reaching an understanding.

I knew who the Stray was but, wow, I wasn’t prepared for the plot twist. Now I’m going to read the sequel to explore more.


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