The Other Side of the World

imageDespite some moments of losing interest, The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop (my creative writing lecturer at uni :)) managed to keep me hooked. It’s well-written and heart-wrenching – enough to evoke sympathy for the protagonist even though I found her a bit irritating at times.

The novel is about Charlotte struggling with motherhood and her marriage to Henry, only to be pressured into moving to Australia to start afresh. She wishes to remain where they are and when they eventually move to the other side of the world, Charlotte’s desire to return flourishes further, effecting her relationships.

I appreciated the exploration of the struggles and conflicting emotions of a migrant and someone who’s living in multiple places – the feeling of always being an outsider even though you’re actually one of the locals or being shunned by your own race because you don’t have the same “look” or living outside the country where your family came from. Being an Australian sometimes makes me a bit displaced too (especially when questioned about my ancestry), so it was something that makes this book worthy to read – plus details of post-colonial life aren’t glossed over (bonus points for thorough research).


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