Carrie-2011So I’ve finally read Carrie by Stephen King and oh my god, it is perfection and horrifying. If you’re not familiar, Carrie is about a social outcast named Carrie White with telekinesis. She’s mistreated by people and even teachers at school, and her religious fanatic mother, and basically the whole town. One day, her period starts (something she doesn’t know about) and a group of girls taunt her, throwing pads and tampons at her. This is the catalyst. Sue Snell, one of the girls, feels remorseful about what happened and makes it up to Carrie by asking her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the prom instead of her.

At first, Carrie suspects a trick when Tommy asks her to be his prom date but eventually accepts, breathing in freedom for the first time. Her mother protests but Carrie narrowly escapes and goes to the prom…but soon hell breaks loose when the ringleader of the tampon/pad event comes back for Carrie…one last trick sets Carrie on a rampage…

I love everything from the writing which evokes vivid images, the story structured in a collection of reports, academic essays, book passages and letters, and the characterisation – it’s amazing. King doesn’t go into much detail but still manages to create multi-dimensional and relatable characters, even Carrie’s mother. I felt sorry for her but I still hate her, of course. I found myself feeling like Sue and a couple of the teachers wishing that they could’ve and should’ve reached out for Carrie sooner. I wanted her to be accepted and all but I guess that would be too happy for an ending.

King’s description of telekinesis is interesting. He doesn’t go into detail about it. It’s a mysterious and subtle thing (unless Carrie’s extremely provoked), not an over-the-top superpower, and is left so at the end to keep you on the edge of your seat just like the surviving characters – Carrie White is forever branded into your mind.

Carrie is a cautionary tale: Don’t be a little shit at high school and before you judge and hate someone, think about what they’re going through. There’s too much tearing others down and isolating people because of stupid reasons like appearance and boring/quiet/weird personalities in the real world.

Lastly, the ending left me wide-eyed since it has a connection to another Stephen King story and it still haunts me…


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