Lo_Adaptation_HC_600x900A lot of YA dystopias begin with a setting that has been oppressed or ruined for years, so I was deeply intrigued with Adaptation by Malinda Lo. The book starts at the beginning of the apocalypse. Where we read a first hand account of it. The character experiences it.

Adaptation follows Reese who witnesses the impact of birds dying off and causing crashes. Eventually curfews are placed everywhere. Reese and her debating partner/crush David end up in a car crash caused by a bird and they wake up several days later in a classified place. They sign nondisclosure agreements by suspicious characters and head back to their normal lives…with strange abilities like telepathy and accelerated healing. Reese also meets a girl named Amber later and she isn’t what you think.

Adaptation isn’t a full-on dystopia. In fact, it’s more realistic with a little sci-fi on the edge. I was surprised by the plot twist and even more surprised that the major position the parent (Reese’s mother) has (I need more YA dystopia with parents in major roles – parents who are there for their kids), Reese and David don’t become super soldiers – which is becoming an annoying cliche. And one more thing: I was impressed with how bisexuality was portrayed. It’s important but it isn’t the only thing that defines the person.

I can’t wait to read the second book πŸ™‚


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