imageWell-written and witty, Landline by Rainbow Rowell is about Georgie McCool having relationship problems with her husband Neal. Her job as a TV script writer and dream to produce her own show takes priority over her family. And it’s close to Christmas.

Georgie ends up spending time with her mum, stepdad and half-sister Heather, and becomes anxious about Neal and her. She eventually finds an old yellow phone of hers, a landline, and discovers that calls made and received are…the person on the end of the other line is Neal. Neal, her boyfriend and not-yet-husband. Is the phone some sort of time machine? Is Georgie imagining things? Is stress from work and the current state of her relationship taking a toil on her?

I liked the magic realism? in this book. It’s subtle but I thought the characters were a bit flat and annoying except Heather. And what’s with the stereotypes of non-white characters including Georgie’s stepdad? These characters are treated with no respect from the main characters. The stepdad is mainly in the background and awkward and a little submissive. Georgie’s colleague Scotty is whiny and Georgie and Seth, her co-writer, don’t really appreciate him – treating him like a child. Seriously? Talk about diversity.

Overall, I have mixed views on this book. Actually, I just want that old yellow phone.



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