Paper Towns

paper_towns_john_green_coverPaper Towns lives up to the hype, the book that is. It follows Quentin “Q” Jacobsen, a typical John Green protagonist – a smart kid who’s in love with a mysterious girl who isn’t available. Q and the special Margo Roth Spiegelman go on an unexpected adventure one night and the next day, Margo disappears. Q and his friends try to find her with the help of clues left by her that they need to crack. But maybe Margo doesn’t want to be found…

Paper Towns has a slow start and similar to Looking for Alaska that I put down the book for others, but eventually I pushed myself to read further. And it got better.

I was reminded that you don’t need to like the main character. I found Q to be annoyingly pretentious and embody male entitlement – but not a total prick. He’s a wishful thinker but he does learn from his assumptions and mistakes. As for Margo, she’s cool and human. I could feel her frustration with the world. It would be interesting to read from her POV. I found her more interesting than Q. I guess mysterious roles are often are…


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