The Museum of Extraordinary Things

imageDuring the time when seeing and watching the unusual or “freaks of nature” were the norm, The Museum of Extraodinary Things follows Coralie and her pursuit of the world outside her father’s Museum of Extraodinary Things. Coralie endures pain and oppression. She struggles to escape her life as one of her father’s unusual collections – she plays a mermaid because of a deformity and an ability to breathe underwater for a long time (she’s not a real mermaid though).

The Museum hits hard times and Coralie’s father becomes desperate to the point he collects a dead body to create a new freak and forces Coralie to perform for sleazy and corrupt rich men. Coralie’s life becomes entwined with Eddie, a photographer searching for a missing girl and everything changes…

Despite being beautifully written, characterisation is sort of limited, the ending felt rushed and I didn’t believe the romance between Coralie and Eddie. It progressed too fast and they didn’t really know each other – but they declared that they belonged together anyway. “True love”. Either they’re naive or just desperate to be with someone. I also would’ve liked Coralie’s father to be fleshed out, not just a flat character – considering he’s the main villain.

Other than those things, Museum is a good read.


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