The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

3385the_immortal_rules_julie_kagawa_coverThe frenzy over vampire books have died but that didn’t stop me from picking up The Immortal Rules. It’s no Twilight and most cliches about vamps or in vampire fiction are absent – oh and love triangles too (though it has some dystopian cliches). The book carries a similar tone to True Blood. With a dystopian setting, the book follows Allison Sekemoto who struggles to live a life in poverty while keeping an eye out on vamps who rule the world. But one night, she and her friends are ambushed on their hunt for supplies. They’re attacked by rabids, a monstrous vampire type, and a dying Allison encounters a master vamp Kanin and is given the opportunity of second chance. Despite her hatred towards vamps, she accepts to become one of them because she wants to live…and so she can kill vamps from the inside out.

Allison eventually separates from Kanin and wanders through the wilderness to protect herself from dangerous vamps who don’t hesitate to kill their own. With enough training to be a true vamp and a katana-wielder, Allison passes herself off as a human when she encounters and joins a human group on their way to “Eden”, a sanctuary that promises safety for humans – which is too good to be real.

It was great retreating to another world where vamps don’t sparkle and watch humans sleep (I still like Twilight by the way). Instead humans can take care of themselves and a non-white protagonist’s life doesn’t revolve around a problematic guy. The Immortal Rules is a shining example of a vamp choosing to be human and struggles to control the monster in them. Vampire politics and the mental condition of humans in a vampire-led world are also explored, giving a dynamic plot and characterisation.

Can’t wait to read the next two books 🙂


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