Just One Day

1434527671Lovers of unexpected journeys would fall in love with Just One Day by Gayle Forman. The novel follows Allyson who’s on a trip in Europe. All her life she lets her parents take her responsibilities and she doesn’t follow typical teen stuff e.g. partying. Until one day, she meets drifter Willem on the tour.

He proposes a journey around Paris in one day and fighting her instincts, Allyson accepts, putting on her alter ego Lulu who’s free of her restraints. This one day in Paris changes her life.

Just One Day is a well-written book and a fantasy for aspiring travelers. At the same time, it’s for teens who can relate to Allyson and the tendency to be someone else rather than accepting their selves. Very touching. I also liked that Allyson clings/pines over Willem but eventually moves on, not letting her life to be determined by him, but she is after all human. She changes her mind and decides to take risks…finding him.

A passage from the book that captured my mind and soul

A passage from the book that captured my mind and soul

The book ends at an important moment and that made me almost throw the book to the floor. Haha, no seriously.


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