The Twelve: A Review

9780752897882Hi, everyone. I read The Twelve, the sequel to The Passage earlier this month. It’s way overdue so I’m going to keep this review short. The Twelve follows up on the group of survivors who are now on a quest to find and rescue their loved ones who had been missing as a result of a mysterious attack at the end of The Passage. They come across a seemingly civilised community of survivors…but not really. Meanwhile Amy, the gifted girl, goes on her own quest to defeat the Twelve, the ones who started the apocalypse. She’s the only one who can…

The sequel is chillingly suspenseful that you would turn the page with a trembling hand in excitement and fear. The only thing I criticise is, still, the lack of characterisation and multiple povs. It was easy to lose track because of the latter. Are multiple povs necessary? Some weren’t and didn’t lead to anything. I can’t wait for the next book though and hopefully the characterisation would be better.


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