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Harald Zwart, the director of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, took to Tumblr on Saturday (Oct. 20) to answer fan questions about the filming process, working with our talented cast and he even teased us about a teaser trailer coming “very soon.”

On the technical side of production:

“I will try and post as much stuff that I can on the creative process of making City of Bones into a movie and give anyone interest a little sense of what directing a film like this is like. :)”

On the suggestion of directing THE INFERNAL DEVICES film (which is in the very early stages):

“Don’t know what’s next. Have to focus on this one first.”

On his favorite scene to have filmed so far:

“It’s hard to say.  Demonized Dorothea beating up the shadow hunters was a lot of fun.”

On the movie’s faithfulness to the book:

“We’ve been…

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