A Snippet of Romance

Hey y’all. I just wrote this section for class: 

The sun grazes my skin, energising every cell. It’s a beautiful sensation. Jordan is glorious. He is the only boy I know who could make me feel as if I ruled the universe. No restraints holding me back.

“What are you thinking?” Jordan’s voice penetrates my ears.

I gaze up at the intensity of his blue eyes, grinning. “What makes you think I’m thinking at all?”

His lips twitched to match mine. “You’re always thinking.” He paused as his eyebrows furrowed. “You…you still love me, don’t you?”

My smile automatically vanishes. Oh, I don’t want to talk about that. Images of the blueprints, Jordan seducing me to agree with–

“Of course, I do, Jordan.” I abruptly expressed to stop the memory burdening against my shoulders.

The look that meets me in return is one of scepticism or suspicion.


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