Never Judge a Book by its Cover?

TMI Source

Sometimes that’s just difficult to avoid. Today YA book covers have become quite important. They open room for speculations or general discussions and a lot of covers are an art in themselves.

One important cover reveal was Cassandra Clare’s CLOCKWORK PRINCESS in July. Cassie’s fans helped to reveal the final THE INFERNAL DEVICES cover in just 2 hours by tweeting #ClockworkPrincess and they also secured a worldwide trending topic (see TMI Source’s articlehere).

Covers are powerful.

So let’s have a look at Cassie’s previous covers (the US and some international ones), speculate about the last cover of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series and find out a bit more about the man behind the US covers for TMI and TID.

CITY OF BONES was first released in March 2007 – quite a long time ago!

The US cover shows Jace covered in runes, the New York City Marble Cemetery…

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