Why authors should read reviews of their work

The idea of reading reviews on your story can be daunting, if not, painful. But they’re there for a reason. They’re there to help you become a better writer. Every writer, including published ones, are still learners. No writer is perfect.

I remember approaching a manuscript assessor with my yet-to-be-published novel last year. I didn’t want to at first because of fear – I didn’t want to hear anything negative about my story. But after receiving 2 rejections and a few silent responses from agencies, I thought “there’s something wrong with my story.”

So I decided to see a manuscript assessor and it was the best decision I’ve ever made as a writer. Her critique helped me advance my writing and editing. I don’t think I would have been able to pick up the eyesight of a hawk if I took her advice the wrong way or didn’t approach her in the first place.

Just think positive. Treat reviews as zen lessons.


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